WyCo Vintage: The History

In the mid 2000s, after the explosion of e-commerce, Patrick Klima, armed with a sense of nostalgia, neglected the routines presented by his 9 to 5 and scoured the internet collecting the shirts of his youth. As Patrick added more and more shirts to his collection he found himself lost in a sea of unmeasured and poorly fitting t-shirts.

“In the early stages I didn’t really understand how important measurements were and nobody was listing them in descriptions at the time. Extra Large or Large was good enough and when I got the shirts, they never fit right. In the process of doing this, the shirts started to pile up.”

Patrick’s fiancé, Mehgan Flynn, suggested he start reselling the shirts he wasn’t going to wear.

So that’s what they did and that’s what they still do.

Patrick and Mehgan began to understand the importance of and demand for vintage t-shirts so in true rock and roll fashion, they sold the extra shirts to fund their own addiction to vintage tees.

“I had began to realize that a lot of shirts were in demand and that if I could sell some at a profit, I could purchase other shirts and fuel my hobby. And that’s when things got out of control…

Officially founded in 2008, WyCo Vintage is the world’s largest and most trusted seller of authentic vintage t-shirts. Our collection consists of over 3,000 unique, high-quality vintage pieces. NO modern reproductions. If you’re looking for an old shirt of your favorite band, team, movie, pop culture icon or reference, we have a shirt that fits!